Message From The Commandant

Commandant’s Aspiration

The Royal Military College Putera should be trained and educated in two main areas of academic and military in order to produce professional and calibre individuals, capable of providing commendable service and capable of being dignified leaders, with noble characters, integrity and strong religious grasp as well as emphasising on excellence based on high and strong espirit-de-corps.



Core Values

In order to achieve the above aspirations, three (3) core values should be owned, emphasised and applied to all Putera namely:


All Putera must have moral values and outstanding personalities in performing any action and in the aspect of interaction at all levels.  They should also have the principle of producing and putting the quality of work in line with the mission of the Royal Military College.  In addition, they must instil the nature of sincerity, openness, transparency, trustworthiness, truthfulness and not easily influenced and reliable.


Each Putera should strive to give their fullest effort and energy, and emphasise excellence in all areas and tasks entrusted to enable the Royal Military College to be at the highest level in accordance with the vision of the College.  They should be able to embrace the culture of creativity and innovation in carrying out their duties to achieve quality and innovative outcomes.  The application of this culture of excellence will surely drive towards the glory of the Royal Military College.  This value should continue to be owned by Putera to ensure that self-improvement can be applied and able to produce excellence even after graduating from this College.


The espirit-de-corps among Putera is vital to ensure the progress and excellence of the Royal Military College in achieving the vision and mission of the College.  Hence, the attitude of cooperation, mutual support and respect should be applied to every Putera.  Adopt a positive relationship regardless of senior or junior without compromising the military culture that will drive the harmony of the College in a way and concept of equality.  Through the application of this core value, the Royal Military College will be an institution capable of forming individuals ready to work together in the event of an assignment or activity at any time.


Brig Gen Abdul Halim bin Abu Hassan RMAF


16 July 2018